Full Coaching Services w/ Hayley Broich

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Hayley Broich, EP-C, FNS, RYT is a certified Exercise Physiologist with a Fitness Nutrition focus. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Baldwin Wallace University, where she focused her studies in Exercise as Medicine during pregnancy. She has also been an active, Registered Yoga Teacher since 2017.

Hayley is also a multi-World Champion Equestrian in the hunter seat and western divisions. She travels from Ohio to Michigan each week in order to train for competitions across the country.

Hayley came into this life with a passion for supporting others. Today, that passion manifests through teaching the importance of physical and mental well-being by combining fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, journaling, and more.

Hayley enjoys working with all people, especially women, competitive equestrians, and expecting mothers.

She hopes to help you find confidence, peace, and passion through a commitment to yourself. Hayley knows that through a commitment to bettering oneself, anything is possible. She has experienced firsthand the way fitness, meditation, and mindset can literally change a person’s life.

Expectations of the Athlete

  1. Be open-minded and willing to learn
  2. Follow the plan and be prepared
  3. Communication is key! Ask as many questions as needed and speak up when something is unclear
  4. Always send check-ins by your assigned date and time
  5. Have realistic expectations and enjoy the journey!

Expectations of the Coach

  1. Same-day responses to check-ins and questions within office hours 
  2. Training, nutrition, and cardio will be created with each athlete in mind
  3. Plans will be adjusted as needed
  4. Physical, mental, and emotional health will be prioritized at all times
  5. Coach Hayley will be your support and guide, but will not do the work for you

What to expect from coaching with Hayley


Expectations of Coaching

  1. Coaches will provide macros and dietary guidance/advice
  2. Coaches will provide cardio and training guidance
  3. Coaches will have weekly check-ins via WhatsApp with each EveryBODY athlete
  4. Coaches will provide continued support as needed to EverBODY athletes over WhatsApp or selected apps
  5. Coaches and athletes together will help to create a positive and supportive community to help one another

Expectations of EveryBODYAthletes

  1. Athletes will check in each week on assigned days and by the requested time
  2. Athletes will follow the prescribed protocol as planned each week (macros, training, and cardio)
  3. Athletes will utilize the team YouTube page for training video references
  4. Athletes will always be a supportive and caring member of our community
  5. Athletes will always show up each day with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and be coachable
  6. Athletes will always give their best effort, be prepared each week, and be resourceful


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