Full Coaching Services w/ Kevin Haramis

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Kevin is from Akron Ohio where he played soccer, basketball and baseball growing up, then played soccer at Hiram College. Being an athlete his whole life, Coach Kevin became enamored with health and fitness, and returned to school at the University of Akron where he tailored his degree to bodybuilding and received his BS in Exercise Science: Strength and Conditioning. One of Kevin’s key principles is training for your sport or division. Coach Kevin has continued his education by seeking mentorships, completing J3University, and is super excited to continue learning under Mark and the other coaches with Tomanek trained.

Coach Kevin started like many as a personal trainer while getting his degree back in 2013 and starting in 2016 evolved into coaching physique athletes. Coach Kevin has had multiple athletes win their class, win the overall, or nationally qualify at their show as well as compete on the national level.

Kevin doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk. Kevin himself competes in Men Physique and crosses over into classic physique where he has won multiple overalls and has placed as high as 4th on the North American stage. He understands what athletes go through on a day to to day basis. He understands working 40+ hours a week and still being a bodybuilder, or being a student and being a bodybuilder. Coach Kevin does not treat you like a number, strives to help you push forward with your goals and strives to be a tool to help the athlete succeed.

Expectations of the athlete

  1. I expect the athlete’s best effort consistently for the time we work together. When it comes to bodybuilding, our results are a direct correlation with the effort we put in. Training hard and training smart, taking rest days, getting all your meals in, and preparing your day so you set yourself up for success is how we give our best effort every day. Consistently your best some days may fall short of 100% but don’t let that be because you didn’t prepare. There might be days that you can only give 85% but that 85% was your 100% for that day we are human we are not robots it’s going to happen. How we limit bad days by being prepared.
  2. I expect my athletes to be prepared! This goes back to expectation 1. How we give our best effort is how we prepare. If you have work, school, or travel, especially if in prep, this is a commitment you the athlete made, pack your meals so you can make sure you are eating your meal plan/macros.
  3. I expect the athletes to check in on their assigned day. Certain times such as holidays, and travel for shows, are discussed in advance if something comes about, etc check-ins will be excused. Otherwise please respect my time, and please remember expectations 1
  4. This may be a one-and-done show day experience for some, and for some, this is a lifestyle they want to live a healthier life. For others, bodybuilding is a full-time job on top of a full-time job. It’s just a job we truly enjoy! Regardless of where you fall in that spectrum, I expect you to follow the meal plan/macros, supplementation protocol, and PED protocol if applicable, and to follow the training program given to you (If we need to substitute exercises or modify for equipment issues we can make those adjustments to maximize results). When it comes to making any adjustments, that will be done based on adherence to those protocols and how you look in your check-in photos
  5. I expect athletes to be coachable. Athletes need to be able to accept constructive criticism of their physiques not just in check-ins but from judges as well. Be coachable. Be willing to learn and try things that may seem different to you. If you cannot be coachable I cannot help you succeed in your physique goals.

Expectations of the coach

  1.  Coach Kevin will respond to check in’s within 3 hours on assigned check-in days
  2. Coach Kevin will provide voice messages and or written out feedback to check-ins to spell out any changes made to protocols in your document
  3. Coach Kevin will provide education. No question is a dumb question, and if Coach Kevin does not know the answer, he will find the answer to provide further education in an explanation that is easy to understand.
  4. Coach Kevin is going to be real and raw with you. No cookie-cutter plans, but a plan that is specific to your physique goals. Coach Kevin is going to be honest with your current shape and give his honest opinion on what he feels is the best course of action for you as an athlete.
  5. Coach Kevin will always put an athlete’s health and well-being as the first priority

What to expect from coaching Kevin

  1. The nutrition document will contain a meal plan that the athlete is expected to follow. The macros per meal and total macros will be listed in the document. The nutrition document will also contain intra-workout nutrition and health supplementation
  2. The training document will contain a training program that is athlete specific. Athletes should train for their sport. Basketball players should not train like bodybuilders. The training program is designed for your division based on the criteria the judges are looking for.
  3. Weekly Check-ins
    1. Athletes are going to send check-in photos in poses for their respective divisions. (If not a competitor going to send front, side, and back)
    2. Athletes will send 2-3 videos per week of the top set for exercises to go over ques, biomechanics, tweaks, etc
    3. Check in the document filled out
    4. Typed out a summary of the week or things we need to look more into based on the check-in document and biofeedback that is or isn’t already in the document
  4. Posing is not the main focus of coaching, extended as a courtesy. Athletes are encouraged to hire a posing coach if they so choose.


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