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Britt has never fit into just one mold. She grew up in a small town outside of SLC with big dreams. She played multiple sports growing up, but that wasn’t the only “box” she felt she fit into. She also played piano, was intrigued by acting and the arts, and enjoyed history, physics, AND literature. When she secured her dream as a collegiate volleyball player, she packed up her life alone to move across the country to Florida at 18 years old.

In her last years as a collegiate athlete, she developed an eating disorder and although she was an athlete her entire life when she graduated college, she had NO idea how to train, what to eat, or even how to function without a rigid schedule. She eventually overcame all of these things after hiring her own first fitness coach and endlessly pursuing a better understanding of nutrition and training. As well as doing the internal work and personal development needed outside of her fitness education.

After graduating from university, she immediately immersed herself in the corporate world where she constantly pursued “success”. But the “success” she thought she needed and the “boxes” she allowed others and herself to keep her in, made her absolutely miserable. Britt finally decided that “while you may fit into a box, it doesn’t mean you belong there”. She started stripping back all the “shoulds” of her life and built one she truly wanted. She relentlessly pursued her passions: health, fitness, and helping others.

Britt is empathetic through and through and has gained a lot of life experience in a short amount of time. This allows her to relate to and help a wildly diverse group of people. She has worked with people anywhere from those who have never stepped into a gym before, to those who have trained for years and want to take their physiques to the next level, to those who are struggling with hormonal/digestive function, and more.

Britt understands how to meet you exactly where you’re at, while also pushing you to bring out the best in yourself. She has always and will always believe that your mental and physical health go hand in hand, and neither can be ignored in the pursuit of improving the other. With Britt, you’ll learn how to show up for yourself relentlessly.

Education and Credentials:

  • 18-month Integrated Muscle Mentorship with Austin Stout
  • BA from Saint Leo University
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Nutritionist
  • Public Speaker

Content Publications:

  • Host of The Show Up For Yourself Podcast
  • VoyageUtah Hidden Gems Article:

Expectations of the Athlete

  1. Communication and honesty. Coach Britt doesn’t yell, degrade or dismiss her athletes. She doesn’t rule with an iron fist. But she can’t read your mind. There is almost NOTHING you both can’t overcome together, as long as communication is a priority.
  2. Keep your word to both yourself and Coach Britt. Keeping promises to yourself will drastically change how you view your self-worth. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Show up for yourself as hard as Coach Britt promises to show up for you.
  3. Always follow the plan and always be prepared. Corny as it is: failing to plan is planning to fail.
  4. Coachability: be willing to learn, try new things, step outside of your comfort zone daily, and understand that “failure” is a part of your journey to success.
  5. Ask questions! Coach Britt wants your progress, tools, and skills to be sustainable. This is your life, your goals, and your opportunity to create your own power. Knowledge is power.
  6. Complete check-in’s with intent and effort. Check-ins are 100% mandatory. Check-in on your assigned day, by your assigned time, with all necessary information ready to go. Do not miss your check-ins.

Expectations of the Coach

  1. Integrity, Genuine Care, and Support. Coach Britt truly wants what’s best for you. Sometimes that means telling you what you don’t want to hear, sometimes it means giving you grace, and sometimes it means tough love. You can guarantee Coach Britt will follow through on her word and provide genuine care and support for you as an athlete and human being.
  2. Your programming will be based on YOUR individual needs, goals, biology, etc. Coach Britt understands that everybody physically needs their own individualized approach, as well as mentally and emotionally.
  3. Continuous education. On both ends. Coach Britt will provide explanations and education in order to add to your growth. She also promises to continue her own education in her field with a deliberate effort to continually bring you the best in yourself.
  4. Your health will always be prioritized. Coach Britt will request labs if she deems it necessary.
  5. Timely responses to check-ins, training videos, and questions. Coach Britt will always provide a same-day response to check in’s submitted on time and questions asked before 8 pm MST.

What does coaching with Britt include?

  1. Nutrition & Supplementation Protocols: Britt will provide macro-based nutrition guidelines and education, meal plans, and/or hybrid programming to be catered to individual goals and biological responses, metabolic diseases, diet preferences, and food allergies/intolerances. Changes to nutrition protocol will be made as needed.
  2. Training Programming: Depending on the package purchased, Britt will provide a personalized training program based on the athlete’s goals and available equipment. Cardio and step recommendations will also be provided.
  3. Training Video Review & Feedback: Athletes are encouraged and expected to send training videos to assess form and intensity for exercises so that we can optimize their time spent training and prevent injury.
  4. Communication: Britt is available on WhatsApp Monday-Saturday to answer questions, in addition to providing weekly check-ins for progress assessment and accountability. It is important that you maintain a line of open and honest communication between you and your coach. It is vital for your success.
  5. Accountability & Respect: Britt will be honest with you regarding your efforts, actions, and behaviors in relation to the agreements made and goals set throughout your journey. She will allow you to own your own decisions while always providing information on how your decisions impact your goals.
  6. Health Markers: Health will always be a top priority so health markers and blood work will be requested, reviewed, and accounted for in all programming.

**There will be no refunds, as the client is the one opting in AND out of their services. You can cancel at any time


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