Full Coaching Services w/ Liz McElaney, MS-NDTR

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Liz grew up in a beach town in Southern Massachusetts. Sports weren’t a big focus growing up – Liz worked at a coffee shop during high school and focused on school. It wasn’t until college that she became interested in fitness and nutrition. Liz attended Arizona State University, initially studying Psychology, but eventually majoring in Dietetics as her interest in health and wellness grew. She went on to complete her Masters’s degree in Obesity Prevention and Management. Liz started coaching in 2013 and loves helping other women become more confident and reach their goals by teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle. Liz also is a bikini competitor and enjoys bodybuilding as a hobby. She also enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, and outdoor adventures. 

Expectations of the Athlete

  1. Open and honest communication regarding compliance and anything that may impact your programming. I am here to help you, but can only do so if I have the full picture.
  2. Coachability – be willing to learn, try new things, and accept criticism.
  3. Always follow the plan as prescribed and be prepared.
  4. Check-in on your assigned day with all requested data.
  5. Be realistic with your expectations and if you have concerns, ask.
  6. Give 100% effort to your training.

Expectations of the Coach

  1. Timely responses to check-ins, videos, and questions. Response time will be same day.
  2. Programming will be based on individual goals, diet history, and needs.
  3. Physical health will always be prioritized.
  4. Education and explanations will always be provided regarding programming when asked.
  5. I will continue to further my education so that I can provide the best service to you.


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