Consultation w/ Coach Francesca


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Coach Francesca offers health tune-up consultations to non-Tomanek Trained Athletes as well!

Need an expert opinion in regards to your nutrition, training, or PEDs? Do you need to get bloodwork, and a GI map done and analyzed?

Set up a one-hour FaceTime call with Francesca.

The first 30 minutes will be focused on a review of current programming, practices, and behaviors where assessments will be made and issues will be identified.


The first 30 minutes will be focused on going over bloodwork or GI map results. The remainder of the call will be focused on going over a suggested course of action based on the results

The following 30 minutes will be focused on answering questions related to your programming. (Note: this is not an open Q&A and we will only focus on your specific programming).

If you currently have a coach you are not applicable for this service due to ethical boundaries. You still may inquire about full coaching services if you’re interested.

Choose to be coached at the end of your call? The cost of this call is deducted from any coaching package.

Post Checkout your coach will reach out to you on the next steps.
once they check out, depending on what they are looking for, would then send them my omni links for them to get lab work or test, and schedule based on when we get the results if it’s for programming, then I would reach out and schedule the call with them

No refunds due to fees absorbed and taken from payment processors. Please check on your own. Read more here.