Full Coaching Services w/ Brittney Holloman

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Brittney Holloman was born in Los Angeles California and has been a part of the fitness industry for the last 8 years. Born into a family of athletes, she learned a ton about bodybuilding at a young age, while being immersed in the lifestyle due to her familial exposure.

As time progressed, Britt’s passion for fitness began to take over the trajectory of her life. Intrigued by the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle as it felt familiar due to her background, she began attending bodybuilding shows and pursue mentorships that pushed her to earn a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at California State University San Bernardino in 2017, and obtain her Master’s of Science in Recreation and Sport Pedagogy at Ohio University in 2019. During her undergraduate and graduate time, she became a notable personal trainer, exercise instructor and educator, overseeing, training, and developing several teams of trainers in understanding human movement, anatomy, and physiology. As she pursued the lifestyle of bodybuilding she began studying nutritional sciences and became a nutrition specialist soon after. She then became a fitness professional at the collegiate level in campus recreation, where she advocates for diversity and social inclusion within the realm of health and fitness for college students.

Competing in her first bodybuilding show locally for the first time at the age of 22, and at the national level at the age of 23, it was during this time that Britt began educating herself in the art of physique building and best practices associated with health and wellness as athletes embark on their journey’s. She realized that she had a niche for building physiques at a variety of physique levels, and became committed as a coach who specializes in bodybuilding. 

Brittney’s stylistic approach in coaching takes into account hormonal health, daily stressors, and an overall understanding of metabolism that puts athletes in the best position for success in physique development. She is adamant about emotional and mental well-being through the journey of every athlete, and is confident in the understanding of every athlete’s identity as they face challenges, and navigate successes throughout their lives. 

Expectations of the athlete

  1. Communication. Always be transparent! It makes the job much easier when you are upfront.
  2. Please ask questions when you need clarification, understanding “why” is imperative.
  3. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Be prepared at all times, and communicate when you need help with how you can make your goals happen.
  4. Follow the plan. Don’t overthink, that’s what a coach is here for.
  5. Send your check-ins on your assigned check-in day, check-in once per week, please. Do not skip check-ins. 
  6. Adhere to your training and nutrition protocols, and include all data requested at the top of your document. 
  7. Have realistic expectations of progress and don’t compare your journey or programming to others. You have your own individual needs.
  8. Always train to failure and give 100% effort to programming. 
  9. Work hard and trust the process. Always be positive and optimistic. You got this.

Expectations of the coach

  1. Timely responses to questions, training videos, and check-ins. Response time will be the same day. 
  2. Physical health will always be prioritized and blood work will be asked for when in need. 
  3. Thorough explanations will always be given when asked. Education with athletes is always a top priority. 
  4. Plans will always be based on the individual and the individual’s biological responses. You will never be given the same plan or protocol as another client on the roster.
  5. Coaches are expected to further their education, stay up to date in current fitness trends, and provide accurate, applicable, and respectful information on social platforms and to each individual.

What to expect from coaching with Britt

  1. Nutrition protocol: Based on biofeedback and client preference, macro sets, meal plans, and/or hybrid programming will be catered to individual biological responses, metabolic diseases, diet preferences, and food allergies/intolerances. 
  2. Training protocol: Programming for training will always be based on goals, biomechanics, weak body parts, and availability of equipment.
  3. Video Review: Clients are encouraged to send weekly training videos or as requested for feedback on form, engagement, and intensity. 
  4. Health Markers: Health will always be a top priority so health markers and blood work will be requested, reviewed, and accounted for in all programming. 
  5. Intensity: You will be pushed. The standards will be set very high for clients but not unattainable. You will be the best you have ever been. 
  6. Education: It is the job of the coach to explain the reasoning behind their programming, and educate wherever necessary to ensure clients are equipped with all the tools needed to be successful. 


Educational Background

  • Master’s of Science Recreation and Sport Pedagogy, Ohio University
  • Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ohio University 
  • Bachelor’s of Science: Kinesiology, California State University San Bernardino


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM CPT Lecturer 
  • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor 
  • AFAA Nutrition Specialist 
  • CPR/AED Instructor


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