Full Coaching Services w/ Mark Tomanek

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Mark Tomanek was born in Avon Lake, Ohio in 1990 and was immediately submerged into a lifestyle of bodybuilding. His father Mark Tomanek Sr. was the owner of Competition Bodies Gym in his hometown and was a competitive bodybuilder. Mark learned a lot about bodybuilding from a young age but pursued other sports to earn a scholarship to college where he would wrestle and play rugby at the collegiate level. After college, Mark shifted his focus to bodybuilding and began to learn from very notable mentors in the industry. He has spent 20 years studying training styles, biomechanics, and engagement and the past 10 years studying nutritional science. Since beginning, he has continuously taught others and passed down knowledge to many athletes and coaches in the industry. He has become a very prominent educator within the industry on a number of platforms using his skill set he acquired and refined as a public school educator, which he has since retired from to be a full time coach and leader. Mark created Tomanek Trained LLC to be a leading organization that has brought together an incredible coaching staff that is extremely passionate about their mission and their clients. Teaching has always been a passion of Marks and his coaching is based on educating his clients so they are equipped to be better clients and athletes. As his coaching business becomes more prominent in the industry he is also working up the ranks to becoming an aspiring IFBB Pro bodybuilder in the near future.  

Expectations of the client

  1. Always be open and honest about what’s going on and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
  2. Always follow the plan as prescribed and be prepared. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  3. Always send check-ins on your assigned day and include all data requested at the top of your document. 
  4. Have realistic expectations of progress and don’t compare your journey or programming to others.
  5. Always train to failure and give 100% effort to programming. Work hard and trust the process.  
  6. Always be positive and optimistic.

Expectations of the coach

  1. Timely responses to questions, training videos, and check-ins. Response time will ALWAYS be the same day. 
  2. Physical health will always be prioritized and blood work will be asked for when in need.
  3. Thorough explanations will always be given when asked. Education is always our top priority. 
  4. Plans will always be based on the individual and individual biological responses. 
  5. Coaches are always furthering their education and providing education on social platforms and to each individual. 

What to expect from coaching Mark

  1. Nutritional plans: Macro sets, meal plans, and/or hybrid programming catered to individual biological responses, metabolic diseases, dieting preferences, and food allergies/intolerances. 
  2. Training programming: Programming for training will always be based on goals, biomechanics, weak body parts, and availability of equipment.
  3. Video Review: Clients are encouraged to send 2-3 training videos weekly or as requested to improve form, engagement, and intensity of training. 
  4. Health Markers: Health will always be a top priority so health markers and blood work will be requested, reviewed, and accounted for in all programming. 
  5. Intensity and education: The standards will be set very high for clients but not unattainable. It is the job of the coach to explain thoroughly the reasoning behind programming variables and educate whenever necessary to ensure clients are equipped with all the tools needed to be successful.  


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