Coaching Services w/ Chad Mathis

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  • Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Exercise Science
  • NSCA Personal Training Certification
  • Mentored under Dominic Kuza
  • 8+ Years of Personal Training experience.


Coach Chad has been in the coaching space since 2015. He was originally introduced to it when he interned and then began Personal Training at a local gym after receiving his Degree in Exercise Science and obtaining his Personal Training Certification through the NSCA that spring.

Being a former collegiate athlete, he wasn’t just satisfied with working out and eating clean himself and missed the aspect of competing, so he decided to prep for his first NPC Classic Physique show in 2016 and ended up placing 3rd overall. Of course, this show led to 1st-time competitors reaching out to him for coaching services, thus nudging him further into the coaching space. That year he prepped his 1st Figure and 1st Bikini girls who happened to be best friends and both came with their best physiques, earning a couple trophies each. This show is what made Chad realize he enjoyed seeing his clients present the best versions of themselves on stage much more than he enjoyed competing himself.

Since 2016, Chad has won with athletes competing in Bikini, Figure, Wellness, and Classic Physique both within NPC and OCB. This eventually led to him competing again himself in August 2022 at the INBF Natural Central Valley Championships where he placed 1st in Open Heavyweight and 2nd overall. Bodybuilding itself has provided Chad with numerous lifelong friendships and a space to grow both mentally and physically while helping others achieve their best physiques to date.

What an athlete can expect to receive working with Coach Chad is genuine care and support, close attention to detail, education in forms that the athlete responds to best, and lastly someone that walks the walk himself. He takes pride in being able to understand each athlete is different and adapting to provide what they need individually. Thanks to his nearly decade worth of experience with In-Person training, he’s expertly guided his athletes by assessing training form and execution to ensure they are training as safely and intentionally as possible.

Chad’s passion for coaching his athletes and their overall well-being shows through his constant support for them in all that they do in and outside of the gym. If you’re searching for the best team and family in the industry, you’ve found it here with Coach Chad and Tomanek Trained.

Expectations of the athlete

Checking in on time. This allows me to adequately assess an athlete’s data for the week and get it back to them promptly.

Proper Communication. This will make it easier for me to find the causes of an issue and develop a plan of action.

Honesty. I can’t help an athlete if I don’t know what’s truly going on. Being honest about adherence to a plan is a key component of the coach-athlete relationship.

Optimal Check-In Setup. We need to see the athlete fasted, with the light shining on them and no distractions in the background. A tripod at waist height, 6-8ft away, and a solid backdrop are optimal here.

Training Execution and Intensity. Given all other variables are being nailed, how well and how intense athletes train are the driving factors for hypertrophy and longevity in the sport. I need you to always train at a high standard and to failure.

Consistency. I need you to be able to follow the plan for multiple weeks in a row to obtain the progress desired. Quality shit takes time.

Expectations of the coach

A sense of urgency. An athlete will be receiving an update for their check-in that same day. If there is a possible delay expected due to travel or unforeseen circumstances, the athlete(s) will be notified as early as possible.

Thorough feedback via Loom or WhatsApp voice message along with the education pieces needed to progress.

Professionalism. The coach must maintain a high standard of how they treat and communicate with their athletes.

Individualized programming. It’s easy in today’s age to cookie-cut meal plans and copy and paste training, but real coaching means ensuring the programming fits the particular client based on their individual needs, levels of fitness, and experience with tracking their nutrition, daily steps, etc.

Honesty. I hold myself to the same standard I hold my athletes to. I’m not here to lie to you to make you feel good. I’d be doing you a disservice as we would end up on stage out of shape. We’re here to build winning physiques and that requires time, consistency, and patience.

What to expect from coaching Chad

Full Online Coaching – Individualized Nutrition and Training Programming. This includes an Individualized Meal Plan or Macro Plan with updates as needed, training programming, supplement, and cardio protocols, in-depth weekly check-ins, direct 1-1 communication via WhatsApp, and training form assessments via Loom or WhatsApp. It’s important for an athlete’s programming to be customized to them to ensure we’re providing the right amounts of food, training stimulus, and navigation of life stressors.

Nutrition Coaching Only – Customized Meal Plans or Macro Coaching along with cardio and supplement protocols are provided. Weekly check-ins and feedback are included along with direct 1-1 communication via WhatsApp.


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