Coaching Services w/ Francesca Emanuele

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  • PN1
  • NASM Personal Trainer Certified
  • CFL1 Certified
  • USAW1 Certified
  • IFBB Wellness Pro


Francesca was born in New York and raised as an athlete ever since diapers. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, she built the foundation and love for body awareness. In following her mother‘s footsteps, she grew passion and consistency for the gym and started her weightlifting career around the age of 15. Her competitive experience with gymnastics bled into a sparked interest to compete as a young adult in other realms of fitness. Francesca was a 4 time CrossFit Regional competitor, where she was ranked 7th in the NorthEast region and 67th worldwide in 2017.

After retiring from CrossFit, she took some time to live as a lifestyle athlete to give her body the break it needed. In 2022, she finally began her bodybuilding career with Tomanek Trained. Francesca competed in the wellness division for the very first time at 34 years old. In June of 2023, she won First place in Novice and Open Class, and won the overall title at the NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States. Just under 4 weeks later, she won First place in her class at the NPC Universe Pro Qualifier and earned her title as an IFBB Pro, all without the use of any PEDs.

Throughout her years of training full time as an athlete she had completed multiple certifications related to training and nutritional science. Francesca’s burning desire is to not only help clients achieve their fitness goals but to also impact their lifestyle by improving their mindsets and attachments to unhealthy habits. Her goal with every client is to always provide the attention that they deserve by being understanding to all circumstances and simply guiding them to the freedom that comes with living up to their greatest potential.

Expectations of the athlete

  1. Blank slate approach. Becoming wholeheartedly open-minded and willing to make changes that may feel or be very different from what you’re currently used to.
  2. Trust the process. Embracing difficult/uncomfortable moments as an opportunity to grow. Allowing growth to unfold may require phases of discomfort.
  3. Show up and be prepared! This means, completing all mandatories of your check-ins and checking in weekly. All check-ins must be submitted before 12 pm EST on set check-in day.
  4. Remain honest and communicate with your coach. This is a team effort.
  5. Follow your plan, remain vulnerable, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  6. Give 100% effort to your plan and focus solely on yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others.

Expectations of the coach

  1. Timely responses to check-ins, questions, and videos on the same day.
  2. Plans will be catered to the individual, their goals, and biological responses.
  3. Continued education. Coach Francesca is expected to participate in furthering her education to stay up to date and learn for the benefit of excelling in her career and prioritizing the needs of her client’s health.
  4. Intensity: you will be pushed to tap into your greatest potential. Buckle up!

What to expect from coaching Francesca

  1. Endless support and care. It is important to remind yourself that this can be a very exciting yet challenging time. You’re not alone, you have the support here you need.
  2. Nutritional Plan: meal plan and/or macros with nutritional guidance to help educate nutrient timing for best results.
  3. Training Plan: programming is catered to the individual’s goals, weaknesses, injuries, and availability of equipment.
  4. Video Review: all clients are encouraged to send 3 videos on their check-in day so that form and intensity can be reviewed and cued.
  5. Education: Questions are encouraged so that you can learn the “why” of each situation during this process.


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