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**There will be no refunds, as the client is the one opting in AND out of their services. You can cancel at any time


No refunds due to fees absorbed and taken from payment processors. Please check on your own. Read more here.


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**There will be no refunds, as the client is the one opting in AND out of their services. You can cancel at any time.



Leyah Nelson has been a passionate student of nutrition and fitness for over a decade. She first started working out at 16, using education and training to overcome multiple eating disorders and support mental health recovery. At 19, she secured her first job as a personal trainer in Seattle, WA, and has worked with hundreds of athletes in the personal training industry for several years. She has studied strength training, yoga, various nutritional approaches, and most importantly, people and their behavioral patterns. In 2018, she fell in love with the sport of Bodybuilding, spent 3 years working to build a competitive physique and is now a nationally qualified Bikini Athlete.

Over the last several years of working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, Assistant Manager, and Fitness Director, Leyah has worked with hundreds of individuals, helping them to build the physiques they desire, and the mental tenacity needed to achieve their goals. Leyah understands that the key to achieving the goals that her clients approach her with, both fitness and personal, lies in first understanding, and then reshaping habits and behavior patterns and using these existing systems to the advantage of the client. Her method is centered around understanding the “why” behind the client and the behavior. If that can be understood, anything can be taught and consequently achieved.

Leyah has a strong background in psychology, sociology, personal growth, communication, developing healthy mentalities, and creating sustainable lifestyle changes across diverse clientele. She understands that the plan must meet the client where they are at to create the right blend of challenge and reward to stimulate optimal growth. There is no “one way” – but rather, finding the “right way” for the client in front of her.

Leyah’s specialty as a coach is stress management and correcting digestive and hormonal functions in athletes. It is her desire to produce long-lasting, maintainable results in her clientele and over the years, she has learned that the most optimal results come with a focus on health and mentality first.

Expectations of the client

  1.  Transparency. Be honest and communicative about what is going on – even if it is imperfect. Do not hide in shame. If I don’t know what’s happening, I cannot serve you well, nor ensure our desired outcome.
  2.   Integrity. Do what you said you would do when you said you would do it. This alone has the power to radically change your life.
  3.   Always do your best. Life happens to us all. But truly do your best, in training, nutrition, rest, and mentality, and we will overcome.
  4.  Always show up to your check-ins. Check-in on the day you were assigned, and include all the requested components of the check-in so that I can appropriately assess where you’re at and what we need to do next.
  5.  Be positive, growth-oriented, and curious! Embrace change and discomfort, seek the lessons in every failure, ask any and every question you have. We are here to learn and GET BETTER.

Expectations of the coach

  1. Timely responses to check-ins, training videos, and questions. Coach Leyah will give same-day responses to check ins submitted before 5pm EST, and is accessible to answer questions and training videos until 8:30pm EST.
  2. Education. Coach Leyah wants to educate you to the best of her ability and is committed to continuing her own education to provide the absolute best service possible to her clients. Education breeds success.
  3. Individualization. Coach Leyah understands that different people require different approaches. Your plan will be built for YOU and engineered to produce the best results possible for your specific, individual situation.
  4. Effort & intent. Coach Leyah will work for your goals just as hard as you – she is lasered in on delivering on the agreement; don’t let her want your results more than you do!
  5. Honesty & care. Coach Leyah will tell you the truth, even if it isn’t the answer you want. Your health is prioritized, and she will let you know exactly what must be done, and how, to best facilitate achievement.

What to expect from coaching Leyah

    1. Nutrition & supplementation protocols: Leyah will provide macronutrient-based, meal plan-based, or hybrid nutrition plans customized to the individual client and their specific needs. Changes to protocols will be made as they are needed to keep us moving towards the goal.
    2. Training programming: Programming for training will always be based on goals, biomechanics, weak body parts, and availability of equipment.
    3. Training video review & feedback: Clients are encouraged, and expected, to send 2-6 training videos per week to assess form and intensity for exercises so that we can optimize your time spent training.
    4. Communication: Leyah is available daily to answer questions and address needs, in addition to providing weekly check-ins for progress assessment and accountability. It is important that you maintain an open line of regular, honest & transparent communication as this is a major factor in creating an environment and series of protocols that deliver what you need to be successful.
    5. Respect & honesty: Leyah will be honest with you regarding your effort, actions, and behaviors in relation to the agreements made and goals set at the beginning of the coaching relationship. She will uphold and protect your autonomy and respect your decisions while providing clear and honest feedback regarding how those decisions impact your goal-oriented trajectory

**There will be no refunds, as the client is the one opting in AND out of their services. You can cancel at any time


No refunds due to fees absorbed and taken from payment processors. Please check on your own. Read more here.

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